Why You Should Own the Historic Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles

In early 2000, we began informing our clients that the Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles were poised to be the next breakout segment of the rare coin market place. Shortly thereafter, our consultant, Mike Fuljenz, released his book, Type III Liberty Double Eagles 1877-1907. Later that same year, the book received the prestigious Numismatic Literary Guild's Investment Book of the Year Award.

Since that time, the Type III $20 Liberty market has become one of the "hottest" market segments going today. Among the factors that have influenced this market rise are the following events:

  • After winning the Book of the Year award, the world's largest importer of gold coins began providing the book to its network of over 100,000 domestic and overseas dealers and private customers, in order to assist their focus on selling Type III $20 Liberties. The use of the book ignited sales and demand from their vast international network of clients.
  • Still later, thousands of new collectors who had been attracted by the sale of the Type I $20 Liberty gold coins recovered from the shipwrecked S.S. Central America began looking at Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles to complete their newly founded or augmented collections

Here are some more vital facts that have contributed to the rise of the Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagle market.

  • Their relative rarity and numismatic value are the primary reasons why certified Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles have made the cut every year, since 2000, as one of our Select 4 top coin picks.
  • The Type III $20 Liberty is .9675 ounces of pure gold - almost one full ounce of gold in every coin.
  • With the price of gold soaring in today‚Äôs bullish market environment, prices for many certified Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles may never be this low again.

For more information on purchasing certified Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles for your personal family estate collection, please call us toll-free at (888) 324-COIN (2646).

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