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Mike Fuljenz Weekly Report

October 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Unprecedented Gold Buying by China

In their October newsletter, the Aden sisters say gold “truly is building up for a huge market,” citing “unprecedented” buying in China, where the People’s Bank of China just added to their reserves for the 10th consecutive month.

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October 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Silver Coin Sales are Strong and Silver Price Predictions for 2020 are Rising

The rise in the price of silver this summer has caused a rise in demand for silver bullion coins at the U.S. Mint. Through August 31, 2019, the U.S. Mint sold 12,269,000 ounces of Silver American Eagle coins vs. only 9,237,500 ounces in the same eight months in 2018, an increase of 33% in demand in 2019.

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October 2019 - Week 1 Edition

The Trump Impeachment Process Begins:
How the Impeachment Process Could Impact Gold & Why it Pays to Invest in Rare Coins Now

With the Democrat led House of Representatives finally taking the first step to file articles of impeachment against President Trump, we need to look at the last two times a Democratic Congress filed articles of impeachment against a Republican President.

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September 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Global Tensions Escalate, Sending Gold and Silver Sharply Higher

Gold recovered strongly from $1,500 on Friday to $1,525 on Monday, September 23. Silver recovered even more strongly, rising by over 4%, from $17.90 on Friday to over $18.70 on Monday. The temporary “breather” we predicted in the bull market of the precious metals appears to be over, with both gold and silver on the rise again.

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September 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Russia and China Pile into Gold
- Barron’s, September 16

Through June 30, central banks purchased a record 374 metric tons of gold in 2019, the highest first half of gold purchases of any year on record.

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September 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Barron’s Online Quotes Me Concerning Gold IRAs

I was quoted in this weekend’s Barron’s (dated September 8, 2019) regarding setting up gold IRAs and they acknowledged that physical precious metals are a legitimate and suitable long-term investment. It’s very important that investors follow the IRS rules and not fall for ads talking about “home storage” IRA gold or any other short-cuts.

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September 2019 - Week 1 Edition

New Silver Dollars May Come in 2021 -
The Centennial Year of the Morgan/Peace Dollar Transition

In 1921, the final peace treaty for World War I was signed between Germany and the United States. In honor of that event, the final Morgan silver dollar was minted, and the first Peace dollar was minted. The year 1921 is the only year in which both a Morgan and a Peace dollar were minted. And now Congress may be considering a bill to mint limited-edition Morgan and Peace dollars possibly with a Carson City (Nevada) mint mark on the centennial of that event in 2021.

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August 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Precious Metals Having Their Best Year Since 2010

Near the end of August, gold is up 20% for 2019 so far – its best year (by far) since 2010 – and we are about to enter gold’s best time of the year – the holiday season in various cultures, when gold jewelry gift giving is popular. 

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August 2019 - Week 3 Edition

September is the Beginning of Gold’s Peak Demand Season

So far, gold has risen due to global currency devaluations in a “race to the bottom” among paper money currencies, but that is separate from gold’s normal demand cycle, tied mostly to jewelry fabrication for holiday gift-giving in a variety of global cultures. September to February is the greatest time of the year for gold demand, accounting for virtually all of the price appreciation in the years 1975 through 2018.

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August 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Gold Reached Another New 6-Year High

Gold reached another new 6-year high of $1,520 on Monday, August 12, 2019. Why?

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August 2019 - Week 1 Edition

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales are Up 46% in 2019

Through July 31, the U.S. Mint has reported selling 11,262,000 one-ounce American Eagle Silver Bullion coins vs. just 7,705,500 ounces through July 31 last year, a gain of 46.2%.

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July 2019 - Week 5 Edition

Rare Gold Coins Exceed Gold’s Rise by Over $70 – And Some Coins are Now Harder to Find

On May 8, gold traded at $1,290.  Today, gold trades at around $1,423, up $133.  In that same 12-week period, MS-64 common-date $20 Liberty double-eagle gold coins – graded by PCGS or NGC – have risen $205 in price, or about 50% more than gold bullion.

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July 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Gold and Silver Soar to Long-Term Highs

Last week, gold and silver soared on Thursday and Friday, primarily over Middle East tensions and a “dovish” Federal Reserve governor’s comments.

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July 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Silver Is Rising

Gold remained above $1,400 most of last week after dipping below $1,400 on Tuesday, and silver has remained above $15 since June 20. Stocks also reached record highs last Friday. On Monday morning, August gold futures rose almost $4 to $1,416 per ounce and September silver rose 13-cents to $15.37 as interest rates continue to decline around the world.

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July 2019 - Week 2 Edition

2020 Silver Secrets Report - The Case for $18 Silver by Year-End 2019 and $20 in 2020

A number of mainstream investment banks and commodity market analysts see fundamental reasons why silver ought to be higher – perhaps $17 to $18 later this year – even though silver remains mired around $15 now. Three major banks have issued price projections of $18 for 2019.

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July 2019 - Week 1 Edition

Gold futures peaked at $1,442.90 last Tuesday, June 25, its highest level since May 2013, but it had gone up too far, too fast, to sustain those gains, so it retreated to $1,410 by week’s end and dipped below $1,400 on Monday.


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June 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Global Tensions Push Gold Up to $1,400 for the First Time Since 2013

Gold reached $1,420 Monday for the first time since August 2013, mostly over fear of war with Iran. Also, European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi signaled an interest rate cut for the euro, which is already characterized by negative rates (-0.3% for 10-year German bonds) plus more money printing (“quantitative easing”).

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June 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Gold Rose to a 14-Month High

Gold rose to a 14-month high of $1,344 on Friday (Flag Day).  After correcting to $1,325 mid-week, gold shot up $20 on Thursday and Friday over concerns about rising Middle East tensions and the sagging health of China’s economy.  Gold has now risen in 12 of its last 13 trading days, reaching its highest price since April 2018.

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June 2019 - Week 2 Edition

The Prospects for Lower Global Interest Rates is Lifting Gold Prices

Interest rates have been near zero or below zero in much of Europe and Japan for five years and now rates are careening down in America, too, with the widely watched 10-year Treasury bond rate approaching 2%.

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June 2019 - Week 1 Edition

A Short Summary of Why Gold is Going Up

Gold surged $45 in the last week from $1,280 to $1,325, and $55 in the last month. Gold is now at its highest price since last February. By comparison, the Dow Jones index fell 6.7% in May and the S&P 500 fell 6.6%, giving gold more than a 10% advantage over stocks in the last five weeks.

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May 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Properly Submitting Collections for Maximizing Appraisals or Purchase Offers while Minimizing Appraisal Time

We have often been asked by individuals with large coin collections, or inheritors of such coin collections, to appraise those collections or to make an offer. In order to maximize your time and the appraiser/dealer’s time, here are some helpful tips to getting a fair and efficient appraisal.

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May 2019 - Week 3 Edition

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson May Be in Danger of Historical Extinction

This week, I must write about something more urgent concerning our early Presidents – the possibility they will be “ghosted” from our historical memory and coinage by revisionists who don’t want any former slave owners’ names on any government buildings or programs.

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May 2019 - Week 2 Edition

The Best Ability is Availability

“70% of success in life is showing up.” – Woody Allen

“80% of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

“90% of success is just showing up.” – Woody Allen

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May 2019 - Week 1 Edition

The Gold Silver Ratio is Now at a 27-Year High of 86-to-1

With silver now under $15, the gold/silver ratio has reached its highest point in the 21st Century.

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April 2019 - Week 5 Edition

Silver is a “Double Play” Metal – an Industrial Metal and Precious Metal

The Silver Institute just came out with their supply and demand statistics for 2018.  Global silver demand hit a three-year high in 2018, surpassing one billion ounces after falling just short of one billion ounces in 2017. At the same time, global silver mine production fell for the third straight year.

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April 2019 - Week 4 Edition

JPMorgan Reports Gold is Outperforming Stocks and Bonds in the 21st Century

Gold has been stable in the last few weeks and months, but it’s important to remember that gold is easily beating stocks, bonds and real estate so far in the 21st Century, and by a wide margin. The prestigious firm JPMorgan shows that gold soundly beat stocks, bonds and real estate since January 1, 1999.

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April 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Legendary Billionaire Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio is Bullish on Gold

Ray Dalio, founder of the world's largest and most successful hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, was featured on 60 Minutes last week. He also wrote a great new book on economic history, predicting a coming debt crisis, called, “Big Debt Crisis” (published November 2018).

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April 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Gold Predicted to Reach $1,450 - $1,500 in 2019

Gold climbed back above $1,300 on Tuesday, April 9 and touched $1,310 on April 10.

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April 2019 - Week 1 Edition

The Press Ignores a Troubled World Around Us

It’s fair to say that the majority of our national press has obsessed about President Trump and the Mueller report (even if polls show that the average American doesn’t care much about the subject!).

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March 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Gold Predicted to Exceed $1,425 in 2019

Remember, Commerzbank predicted $1,500 gold in 2019 and Goldman Sachs predicted $1,425 gold by the end of 2019.  This would be great for the gold coin market.

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March 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Gold returns to $1,300

Gold returned back above $1,300 last Wednesday March 13 and has remained above $1,300 since then.

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March 2019 - Week 2 Edition

High Demand for American Silver Eagles Should Lead to Rare Coin Demand

I have noticed that the most widely-advertised coin by dealers across the country is the 1-ounce American Silver Eagle.  It is one of the most beautiful and accessible (low-priced) new coins for new customers to become exposed to the beauty, potential and history of rare coins.

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March 2019 - Week 1 Edition

Silver is Up 11% from November 30 to February 28 – About 10 Times the Gains in Stocks

Silver has enjoyed a “stealth” bull market since last November.

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February 2019 - Week 4 Edition

Gold Surpasses 10-Month High

Gold surpassed $1,345, a 10-month high last Wednesday before retreating to $1,322 Friday and then bouncing back to $1,330 over the weekend. 


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February 2019 - Week 3 Edition

Gold Soars to a 9-Month High

Gold rose to a 9-month high of $1,327 on Monday, February 18. After reaching $1,323 on January 31, gold traded below $1,320 for the first half of February but rose above $1,320 on Friday. Silver has trailed gold so far in 2019, but if you go back just one month, silver is the star. Since November 30, silver is up 11.2%, gold is up 8.6% and the S&P 500 is up only 0.5%.


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February 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Gold Holds Above $1,300

Gold has held above $1,300 every day since January 28, so $1,300 is a new technical “floor” under the metal, after two major assaults on $1,300 had failed in the previous eight months.

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February 2019 - Week 1 Edition

Gold Rises for Four Conservative Months

Gold closed at $1,323.50 in London last Thursday, January 31, its highest close since May 11, 2018 and capping a 3.25% gain in January 2019.

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January 2019 - Week 5 Edition

Gold Bursts Through its Technical “Ceiling” (Now a New Floor?) at $1,300

Gold leaped over $1,300 Friday morning as the U.S. Dollar Index (as measured against a basket of six leading foreign currencies) lost 1% of its value from mid-day Thursday to Friday’s close.

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January 2019 - Week 4 Edition

IT’S A BOY - Dean Michael!

On Tuesday, January 22nd, I became a grandpa.  I will be called Pops but still do not know what Karen will be called.  She does not want to be called Grandma.  We have decided to let YOU help choose her name.  Please call your Account Manager with your grandmother name suggestions. 

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January 2019 - Week 3 Edition

 Political Crises in Britain and America are Sending Gold Up

Gold remained above $1,290 most of last week, including a $1,292.80 morning fixing in London on Friday, but the London pm fixing was $1,288.95, and the U.S. close was around $1,287. On Monday morning, January 14, gold shot up again past $1,290, reaching $1,295 before retreating to $1,292. Since November 30, 2018, Gold is up 6% and Silver is up 10%, while stocks are down about 6%.

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January 2019 - Week 2 Edition

Gold Starts Year Strongly

Gold remained above $1,280 in the first week of the year, starting the year strongly, while stocks remained in their erratic pattern of falling rapidly (down 660 Dow points on Thursday), then recovering on some good news the next day. Gold has become far more stable than stocks as well as more profitable over the last three months. Silver performed even better last week, up over 25-cents (+1.65%) to $15.72.

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January 2019 - Week 1 Edition

Gold Scores Large Advantage over Stocks in the Fourth Quarter of 2018

Gold closed 2018 at its highest price since June 15th, moving in the opposite direction of stocks, which fell the most of any December since 1931.  During the fourth quarter, the S&P 500 lost 14% while gold gained 8%.

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