The “Home Storage” Precious Metals IRA Myth


In early 2017, the Texas Attorney General issued the following gold coin consumer alert “Be wary of Home Storage IRA Plans, as these have not been thoroughly tested with the U. S. Treasury or IRS. Stick with reputable independent custodians.”

The internet is full of websites promoting “Home Storage” Gold IRAs, “Self Storage” Gold IRAs, “Home Delivery” Gold IRAs, and other enticing captions that lead consumers to believe current law allows them to store gold and silver held in their IRAs at home.

Mike Fuljenz Honored With Crime Fighting And Writing Awards At World's Fair of Money

s_mike-worlds-fair-awards.jpg(Anaheim, California) - Top awards for consumer protection crime-fighting efforts and outstanding numismatic writing were presented to Michael Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas at the 2016 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money.

Buy & Sell Safely: Increase In Gold Price May Increase Gold Scams, Cautions Michael Fuljenz

t_buy-and-sell-safely.jpgThe recent significant increase in the price of gold may increase the chances of unwary buyers and sellers becoming victims of dishonest dealers, cautioned Michael Fuljenz, an award-winning precious metals writer known as America's Gold ExpertR. "It happens virtually every time there's a run up in gold and silver prices. Scam artists take advantage of investors and consumers who have not done their homework," warned Fuljenz

"In God We Trust" Topic Of Educational Presentation By Michael Fuljenz

t_fuljenz-dallas-2016.jpg(Dallas, Texas) - Educator and acclaimed numismatic writer Michael Fuljenz gave an informative presentation on the national motto, "In God We Trust," in Dallas, Texas on March 4, 2016. Fuljenz was a featured speaker on the topic, "The Untold Story of 'In God We Trust' and its Ties to the National Anthem" at the American Numismatic Association National Money Show. "Some critics of 'In God We Trust' may be ignorant of the phrase's legal history or are deliberately ignoring the rulings of courts and resolutions of Congress," explained Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas who has written award-winning articles about the national motto

Mike Fuljenz Latest Gold Coins Book Wins NLG 2015 Book of the Year Award!

t_Mike-Fuljenz-Book-of-the-Year.jpgThe acclaimed gold coins reference book by Michael Fuljenz, Type Three Double Eagles 1877 – 1907, 2nd Edition, has received the Book of the Year Award from the prestigious Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG). The NLG is a nonprofit organization composed of the country’s leading rare coin hobby/trade marketplace editors and writers - “I’ve received many honors for my writing the past three decades, but this is the first time I’ve received the Book of the Year award. I’m grateful for the recognition given to me by the top literary organization in numismatics citing it as a book with the greatest potential impact on numismatics…

Michael Fuljenz, America's Gold Expert®, Honored With Press Club Awards

Michael Fuljenz, America’s Gold Expert® was honored with four awards in the 23rd annual Excellence in the Media competition conducted by the Press Club of Southeast Texas. The awards were for Fuljenz' consumer education and protection writings about buying and selling rare coins and precious metals.


Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz Explains Why Gold Historically Rises In The Fall When Stocks Often Falter

Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz Explains Why Gold Historically Rises In The Fall When Stocks Often FalterMike Fuljenz, recent Beaumont Enterprise Award Winner, discusses gold rising, new Kennedy commemorative coins and states that are sales tax free on precious metal transactions.

Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz and Jessica Guidry honored with NLG 2013 Best Television Report Award

Mike Fuljenz discusses the billions that America would save by eliminating the penny and the dollar bill.

Gold Expert Mike Fuljenz Speaks to Police Agencies on Numismatic Crimes

certified rare gold and silver coins by texas coin dealer michael FuljenzSandwiched between receiving an award, autographing copies of his book and purchasing gold coins to fulfill his customers' orders, America's Gold Expert® , Michael Fuljenz, recently was a keynote speaker at a special training course for Texas law enforcement personnel on the topic of investigating crimes involving rare coins, bullion and jewelry.

1st American Reserve wins Best Web Site Article for a story Mike Fuljenz wrote about the motto, "In God We Trust"


Most Americans take those words for granted today and assume they’ve always been part of our national fabric. Thus, many were surprised when the House of Representatives recently voted to reaffirm that this simple phrase is the official national motto. The story of the motto is an engrossing one, full of fascinating twists and turns…

KFDM-TV Channel 6 Crime Stoppers Interviews Mike Fuljenz


KFDM-TV Channel 6 in my hometown of Beaumont,Texas recently did a Crime Stoppers story about a Texas dealer who reportedly paid only $16,000 for nearly $250,000 of coins sent to him by an 82-year old California woman. The interviewer asked me for consumer protection advice so other people can avoid encountering this kind of problem.



The fact that since 1986 Mike Fuljenz has won so many major awards in so many diverse categories, including the top NLG award 'The Clemy,' underscores how important his peers in the rare coin and precious metals markets view Mike's excellent analysis and reporting.
Ed Reiter
Executive Director, Numismatic Literary Guild
New York Times Former Columnist

The first of the year brought new changes in state and local laws dealing with precious metal buyers. The Texas legislative committee heard from the nationally-known coin dealer Mike Fuljenz whose expertise was invaluable during the drafting of the new legislation.
Doug Davis
President, Numismatic Crime Information Center

The success of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program can be attributed to people like Mike Fuljenz. We thank him for his continued support in spreading Eddie’s life-saving message to more than 25 million children.
Eric Lipp
National Manager, Community Outreach Department
National Rifle Association (NRA)



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A note from the Numismatic Crime Information Center

Numismatist Mike Fuljenz is lauded by Doug Davis for his classes about the complexities of numismatic crime

Mike Fuljenz helps 42 Florida detectives become more knowledgeable about how to handle and investigate numismatic crime.

ICTA Thanks Mike Fuljenz

As you probably know, ICTA is the national trade association that is the “watch dog” for the coin/precious metals community, most especially on the federal level.

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