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NLG Award-Winning Videos by America's Gold Expert®, Dr. Mike Fuljenz

Dr. Mike Fuljenz is America's Gold Expert
Choosing the Right Precious Metals Dealer and Understanding Coin Prices
Dr. Mike Fuljenz talks about Coin Fraud Protection
Chinese Counterfeit Coins | 1st American Reserve
Dr. Mike Fuljenz talks about Protecting Your Gold Investments
Best Ways and Places to Sell Your Gold
Rare Coins & Precious Metals Dealer
1st American Reserve - Precious Metals Dealer
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Explains Why Gold Historically Rises In The Fall
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Talks About the 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
FOX 4 KBTV: America's Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz, Talks About Gold and Celebrity Collectors
FOX 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz and Jessica Guidry honored with NLG 2013 Best Television Report Award
Surviving Hurricanes Actual & Financial
Dr. Dr. Mike Fuljenz Speaks at the 2016 NRA Show Foundation Banquet
Typically, Don't Clean Coins
NRA News Cam & Co interviews Dr.Mike Fuljenz at the 2016 NRA Show in Louisville
Gold Bullion and Rare Gold Investments
Inflation Proof vs Inflation Plus
Type Three $20 Liberty Gold
The Value Difference Between a $20 Bill & a $20 Gold Coin
Tips to Avoid Coin Scams
1st American Reserve: The Gold Expert Advantage
Gold Prices In the Next 10 Years
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Discusses His Award-Winning Gold Guide
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Discusses the NRA & His Family
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Grades Kennedy Halves
Jeff Medley - Coin Books
JEFF MEDLEY - Type III Double Eagles
John Linscomb - Gold American Eagles
Robert Hollier - $2.5 Indian Head Gold
KEN LAXTON - $5 Gold Indian
Chris Whiddon -Type II Double Eagles
Gold Bullion and Rare Gold Investments
Inflation Proof vs Inflation Plus
Type Three $20 Liberty Gold
Performance of Gold Coins & Precious Metals
Bullion Coins vs Bullion Bars
Finding a True Expert When Dealing With Gold & Gold Coins
Hamilton Introduces Fuljenz
Everyone Needs a Coach
Coin Market History & Importance of Diversification
Plus, CAC & Star Coins Defined
NRA's Tim Fisher Talks About Universal Coin and Bullion