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About 1st American Reserve

Why Customers Nationwide Choose
1st American Reserve

Our customers typically get first choice from hand-selected, quality coins available on the market because of The Dr. Mike Fuljenz Gold Expert Advantage. With over 40 years of experience in the marketplace and an outstanding personal reputation, Mike and his team get first or early pick of the best of new coin deals in select recommended areas for their customers, which means many other dealers later get the leftovers for their customers.

Quality is assured because coins are selected by a true gold and rare coin expert who has graded and taught seminars for a national grading service. This means every coin you buy is the quality and grade promised.

1st American Reserve carries extensive inventory in their recommended areas so they can consistently deliver some of the best coin quality and value to their customers. Many other dealers don't or can't afford to carry hand-selected inventory, and have to hurriedly order other dealer's leftover inventory when customer orders and payments are received.

As a true Market Expert, Mike is a contributor to leading guide books so you can be assured you are getting competitive value for hand-selected quality coins and service in the select areas that he specializes in. Dr. Mike Fuljenz helps author the guides most other dealers read.

Compared to other dealers, 1st American Reserve typically pays very high buy prices to their customers for coins they routinely sell and need.Because he has so many customers nationwide for select gold coins and his inventory moves quickly, the prices Dr. Mike Fuljenz offers to buy coins often substantially exceed offers from other dealers nationwide. As America's Gold Expert, Mike also typically pays much higher prices for gold coins in select areas he specializes in compared to what customers often net from auctions, which typically include substantial buyer and seller fees.

Dr. Mike Fuljenz is recognized by his peers for his expertise and leadership regionally and nationally.He has won extensive awards from organizations like the Numismatic Literary Guild and Press Club of Southeast Texas. Mike's passion is to make sure that customers are getting the very best information available, to make the best gold decisions possible. He has led organizations regionally and nationally by serving as a chairman, board member and officer. When he speaks or makes predictions, other market leaders listen!

Whether investor or collector, 1st American Reserve® provides leading edge acquisition strategies for the gold and rare coin markets, along with award-winning numismatic materials and comprehensive coin consultation services. 1st American Reserve® specializes in rare United States coins, gold and silver bullion coins, and IRA diversification strategies to clients nationwide. 1st American Reserve® is Better Business Bureau accredited. Since 1998, 1st American has transacted over a $347 million in business with over 100,000 satisfied customers. For more information about 1st American Reserve®, contact us today.


Memberships: PCGS, NGC, ICTA, NRA Business Alliance & others

Texas Telemarketing Registered #2010-0010

Texas Registered Precious Metal Dealer #0101290

Beaumont Registered Precious Metal Dealer Permit #2012-02


“The fact that since 1986 Mike Fuljenz has won so many major awards in so many diverse categories, including the top NLG award ‘The Clemy,’ underscores how important his peers in the rare coin and precious metals markets view Mike’s excellent analysis and reporting.”

Ed Reiter
Former Executive Director, Numismatic Literary Guild
New York Times Former Columnist

“Mike Fuljenz has been a member in good standing of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) since 1980. Mike has taught seminars for ANA on advanced coin grading, detection of counterfeit coins, and our “super course” on gold, silver and commemorative coins… He is simply a terrific teacher.”

James Taylor
Former Director, Educational Services
American Numismatic Association

“The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation salutes Mike Fuljenz and Universal Coin & Bullion for all they do to support our men and women in uniform who defend our freedoms.”

Nicholas Kehoe
Former President, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation
Lieutenant General USAF (Ret)

“The first of the year brought new changes in state and local laws dealing with precious metal buyers. The Texas Legislative committee heard from nationally-known coin dealer Mike Fuljenz whose expertise was invaluable during the drafting of the new legislation.”

Doug Davis
President, Numismatic Crime Information Center

“Count me among Mike Fuljenz’s numerous admirers. His strong leadership, input and support of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) were instrumental in formulating ANA’s coin grading and authentication policies, which is a testament to his commitment to the industry. He is a leader in the coin industry.”

Robert Leuver
Former Director, Bureau of Engraving & Printing
Former Executive Director, American Numismatic Association

“The success of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program can be attributed to people like Mike Fuljenz. We thank him for his continued support in spreading Eddie’s life-saving message to more than 25 million children.”

Eric Lipp
National Manager, Community Outreach Department
National Rifle Association (NRA