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2019 $50 American Gold Eagle





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2019 $5 Gold American Eagle

The 2019 $50 Gold American Eagle is modeled after the $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle – one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. $50 American Gold Eagles feature an obverse design by noted sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, whose striding Lady Liberty appeared on the classic $20 gold coins made from 1907 through 1933. Yet, the 1 Oz Gold American Eagle contains more gold, purer gold than any regular-issue pre-1933 U.S. gold coin and is therefore one of the most liquid and popular coins for bullion investors.


Patriotic American investors enjoy $50 Gold American Eagle coins for many reasons, including their symbolic designs. On the obverse, Lady Liberty is seen with a torch in her right hand and olive branch in her left as she strides before the United States Capitol Building while a gleaming sunrise radiates behind her. The reverse of the 1 Oz Gold American Eagle portrays a family of eagles in a timeless design by noted American artist Miley Tucker-Frost.


$50 Gold American Eagles were approved by United States Congress in 1985 and have been minted under the authority of the Liberty Coin Act since 1986, when the United States was in the heart of the historic two-term Ronald Reagan presidency. $50 Gold American Eagle coins are beloved by investors who desire solid gold investments, crafted with American pride.



Benefits of Buying 2019 $50 Gold American Eagles


Why should you add 2019 $50 Gold American Eagles to your investment portfolio? Consider the following:


  • $50 Gold American Eagles are backed by the United States government
  • 22k gold
  • Nothing beats the heft, the feeling of holding gold in the palm of your hands
  • Gold American Eagles are easy to sell virtually anytime, anywhere
  • American patriotism soars on the coin with its designs by Saint-Gaudens and Miley Tucker-Frost
  • American Gold Eagles are struck in 22k gold


These coins are an efficient way to own genuine gold United States bullion coins.



Gold American Eagles Are Great For Precious Metals IRAs


American Gold Eagle coins are eligible for inclusion in tax-deferred precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). That means you can park your American gold bullion coins in a safe, secure retirement account while they amass wealth for your future.


Why do countless savvy investors include bullion in their portfolios? To diversify their investments and hedge their bets against shaky world markets. Nobody can predict the future, but you can certainly put a stake in it when a portion of your portfolio is yoked with precious metals such as gold and silver.



Why Should You Buy 2019 $50 American Gold Eagles From 1st American Reserve?


The United States Mint strikes millions of American Gold Eagles each year, but only a limited number would ever be good enough to enter our inventory at 1st American Reserve. Every coin we sell is approved by nationally renowned coin dealer Dr. Michael Fuljenz, who serves as our longtime trusted consultant. Dr. Fuljenz serves as America’s Gold Expert and has been seen on FOX Business News, CNBC and featured in The Wall Street Journal. He and his team of bullion specialists accept nothing less than the best authentic bullion coins into our inventory, so you can be confident in receiving products of superior quality.


You’ll receive free shipping on any orders over $99, which means you’ll stretch your investment dollars even further when you buy Gold American Eagles from 1st American Reserve. Your order will be shipped in secure, discreet packaging and will arrive safely at your location of choice. We also offer an outstanding 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you need any assistance our customer care team is here for you.


Demand nothing less than the best gold coins. Invest in genuine solid gold assets from 1st American Reserve and you’ll receive the finest Gold American Eagles bullion coins available. Call us toll-free at 888-324-2646 for more information about the 2019 $50 Gold American Eagle and to order yours before prices rise.



More Information About 2019 $50 American Gold Eagles


When the United States government began issuing gold bullion coins in 1986, it wasn’t difficult to decide which design to choose for the new coinage. The natural choice was Saint-Gaudens’ striding Liberty design, which had first appeared on gold coins nearly 80 years earlier and had become one of the world’s most acclaimed coin designs. The reverse of the Gold American Eagles feature a renowned design by celebrated American artist Miley Tucker-Frost. Her work centers on patriotism, religion, and family values, all of which are seen in her design featuring a family of American eagles and its accompanying inscription, the national motto IN GOD WE TRUST.


The $50 Gold American Eagle debuted in 1986 during the Reagan years and was an immediate hit with investors throughout the United States and around the world. Gold American Eagles are still popular all of these years later. Many investors stack them in their vaults for the purpose of tangible assets ownership, though others will include the coins in their precious metals IRAs. Contact a 1st American Reserve representative today for more information about $50 Gold American Eagles and to order yours before prices increase.

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