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Their rarity, along with a historic list of unprecedented “firsts,” is driving investors and collectors worldwide to add them to their portfolios & collections.
  • First $2.50 design to have the motto “In God We Trust”
  • First U.S. coin design struck with a fascinating incuse design
  • First U.S. coin design that used a true Native American model
  • First U.S. coin design by Bela Lyon Pratt, pupil of the famous designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • One of the most popular and historic coins of the 20th Century

It was authorized by the Act of April 2, 1792.  In 1908, this gold coin sparked controversy and spread fear across our nation.  So loudly was the coin condemned, people were scared to save them in their collections for fear of germs spreading from the coin’s innovative recessed design.

Over a century later, that unfounded fear has resulted in the Indian Head Quarter Eagle ($2.50) becoming a series with relatively few examples surviving in higher grades.

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